November '08 Inspirations

Here is Jan's version of
the popular Christmas tree
made from the new spaghetti
tubing trim.

The top is done in kelly green
featherwale corduroy from
Spechler-Vogel using the
Children's Corner "Lucy" pattern.
The pattern has been shortened
to a top length and a ruffle
has been added using
Nashville Cotton's "HoHo"

The pants are "Lettie" from
the Children's Corner with 
a wide ruffle added.




The spaghetti tubing
for the tree has been hand
stitched onto the "Lucy"
top before construction was
completed; the tree is then
trimmed with red buttons
and a shiny star at the top.

The tree itself takes about
62" of the spaghetti trim.



Jan has accented the
ruffles at the
hemline of the top
and at the pants hem
with more of the
cute trim.

We're still trying to
figure out how the
manufacturer turns
the tubing!!

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